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To start, here are a few facts about Negril. The Negril area, named by the Spanish in 1494, was originally called Anguila Negra. The name was shortened to Negrillo which in Spanish means Little black ones. It is believed to have been derived from the Negril’s West End black cliffs, or because there was a large population of black eels found along Negril’s coast. Negrillo was eventually shortened to Negril.

The resort town of Negril known as the “Capital of Casual” includes the town centre, West End cliffs, and the famous seven-mile Negril beach that has been rated as one of the top ten beaches in the world.  Parts of Negril beach are in the Westmoreland parish and the upper end of Negril beach and Norman Manley Boulevard resort area is in the parish of Hanover.

Negril's development as a resort location began during the late 1950s with the first guesthouse being built.  At that time Negril was frequented by the “flower children”.  Negril’s friendly welcoming reputation grew fast and in the mid to late 1960s the first resorts were constructed. Negril’s resort status was increased when in the early 1970s the paved road from Montego Bay to Negril was built.  The Negril Aerodrome, a small airport, was built in 1976. 

Negril continued to develop over the years, and today it is a vibrant laid-back casual resort area with a spectacular seven-mile beach, rocky cliffs, calm/warm turquoise Caribbean waters, reggae concerts and nightly entertainment, psychedelic sunsets, delicious freshly prepared Jamaican and International cuisine, inns, cottages, villas, condos, backpacker hostels, small boutique resorts/hotels, all-inclusive resorts/hotels, eighteen hole golf course, duty free shopping,  craft markets and gift shops, and most important friendly helpful local residents.

To aid you in planning your trip to Negril this article provides links to: Where To Stay in Negril; a wide variety of Negril Restaurants serving Jamaican and International Cuisine; and Jamaican Taxi and Tours Operators providing Airport Transfers to Negril and Sight-Seeing Tours around Jamaica.  You will find the links listed below.

Where To Stay in Negril

Negril Restaurants – Dining

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