Negril Chamber of Commerce announces this year's (2018) Board of Directors...!

February 26, 2018

Negril, Jamaica – February 26, 2018

The Negril Chamber of Commerce is a community organization working for the sustainable development of Negril. Its membership includes a wide range of hotels, businesses, associations, and individuals who are concerned about the social and physical environment of Negril. At the January 2018 Annual General Meeting, we are pleased to announce this year's board of directors:

Daniel Grizzle, President

Richard Wallace, 1st Vice President

Pansy Rayson, 2nd Vice President

Sophie Grizzle-Roumel, Treasurer

Nola Stair, Secretary

Andrea Rhule-Hudson

Barry Hough Sr. 

Damian Salmon

Diane Ennevor

Elaine Allen-Bradley

Kevin Hammond

Kevin Levee

Lady Jan Samuels DL

Lee Issa

Ras Iyah V

Winthrope Wellington


Established in 1983, the Negril Chamber of Commerce emerged out of a concept of respect for nature, neighborliness, community harmony, creation and consolidation of a social order held together by an interlocking network of mutual interests and obligations.

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